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Tempest Minerals Ltd is an Australian based mineral exploration company with a diversified portfolio of projects in Western Australia considered highly prospective for precious, base and energy metals.

The Company has an experienced board and management team with a history of exploration, operational and corporate success.

Tempest leverages the team’s energy, technical and commercial acumen to execute the company’s mission – to maximise shareholder value through focused, data-driven, risk-weighted exploration and development of our assets.


At Tempest Minerals we believe that now is the time for the emergence of the next generation of sustainable resources companies. Organisations that combine technology and data driven workflows with boots-on-the-ground proof. We are intense and focused. Science propels us, data guides us, and our actions create the thunder, leading to the lightning strike of discovery.


Mineral industry leadership through excellence in sustainable business, innovation and science.

Discover and develop high potential precious, base and energy metals projects. Our focus is on our approach to sustainably use science, innovation and data-driven, risk-weighted methods to maximise shareholder value and benefit all.


Tempest culture is a reflection of our values which are heavily focused on hardwork, transparent information flow and innovation. To achieve this our people are not inhibited by silos and restrictions counter productive to our shared vision of discovery and industry leadership.




Collaborative, Innovative,


Sustainable, Dynamic,
Commercially astute,


Science, Data
and Technology,
Getting it done

Men on the Field


Our strategy is to promote a project pipeline which has been parsed with our innovative, assertive hands-on exploration methods aimed at identifying high growth assets convertible on a discovery or divestiture basis.

We use innovative scientific methods to drive economic discoveries.

Quality projects defy short term commodity cycles.

Elephant country is where you prove it is and not where someone else says it was or could never be. We are interested in greenfields, brownfields and all-fields.

G Map with Key

Nevada , US - Lithium Brine Exposure

Mozambique - Lithium Exposure

Zimbabwe - Lithium Exposure

Papua New Guinea - Development & Exploration Projects

G Map with Key

Nevada , US - Lithium Brine Exposure

Mozambique - Lithium Exposure

Zimbabwe- Lithium Exposure

Papua New Guinea - Development & Exploration Projects



The Company listed via initial public offering (IPO) in 2017 under the name Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration Limited (Li3) with the goal of feeding the rapidly growing battery mineral industry. Li3 went on to acquire multiple lithium projects on 3 continents and had a string of successful exploration and divestment transactions.

In 2019, faced with a challenging lithium market, the board decided to expand the strategic focus of the company into a more diversified direction and began looking at other commodities such as copper. At the end of 2019, Li3 acquired private exploration company Warrigal Mining and have subsequently continued developing an exciting portfolio of precious and base metals projects in Western Australia to complement the existing energy metal projects.

In August 2020, shareholders elected to rebrand the company to Tempest Minerals Ltd to better reflect the evolved business and its more diverse commodity focus.

Farm House

Behind The Name

Noun: An intense and focused storm


(latin) Temp – Time | Est – It is

Tempest Minerals Limited believe “it is the time” of emergence of the next generation of sustainable resources companies. Organisations that couple technology and data driven workflows with boots on the ground proof. We are intense and focused. Science is the wind behind us. Data is the deluge that we create. Our actions are the thunder. Discovery is the lightning strike.

Behind The Logo

The S shape is the international symbol for storm and a symbol used to represent geological structures critical in the formation of orebodies. The circular shape located at the ‘core’ of the logo depicts a target within a maze which is analogous to exploration. The broken concentric circles are both a commonly used GIS shape for hurricanes and also reminiscent of a cross section through drill rods. The colours represent the Li3 company roots, augmented by a subtle tint which references the assimilation of Warrigal Mining and the exciting and bold future going forward.

Tempest Minerals Logo