Company Culture

Tempest culture is a reflection of our values which are heavily focussed on hard work, transparent information flow and innovation.  To achieve this our people are not inhibited by silos and restrictions counter productive to our shared vision of discovery and industry leadership.


Mineral industry leadership through excellence in sustainable business, innovation and science.

Mission Statement

Discover and develop high potential precious, base and energy metals projects.  Our focus is on our approach to sustainably use science, innovation and data-driven, risk-weighted methods to maximise shareholder value and benefit all.


People: Principled, Driven, Diligent

Culture: Collaborative, Innovative, Cross-disciplinary, Hands-on

Business: Sustainable, Dynamic, Commercially astute, Stakeholder-aligned

Keys: Science, Data and Technology, Getting it done

Exploration Strategy

Our strategy is to promote a project pipeline which has been parsed with our innovative, assertive hands-on exploration methods aimed at identifying high growth assets convertible on a discovery or divestiture basis.

We use innovative scientific methods to drive economic discoveries.

Quality projects defy short term commodity cycles.

Elephant country is where you prove it is and not where someone else says it was or could never be. We are interested in greenfields, brownfields and all-fields.