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The technology that sustains the future needs of our society requires minerals.   There is very few objects within our surroundings that are not derived from minerals discovered through exploration and extracted through mining and as such the continued supply is critical in our modern society.

The recent boom in lithium and other ‘battery’ or ‘energy’ minerals is a pertinent example of the demands for particular minerals can be strong drivers of innovation and economies.

Tempest recognise that geology is complex and undue focus exclusively on specific commodities during exploration can result in tunnel vision and lost opportunities.  We acknowledge that certain minerals have a greater chance of being discovered in our portfolio:

Precious metals

Gold and silver are used not just as currency, as decoration but also heavily in electronics.

Base Metals

Used in many applications from electronics to steel alloys.  Copper is a critical element in the modern world and is expected to be in significant supply deficit by 2030.

Energy Metals

Lithium for energy storage, batteries and are the cornerstone of the new wave of resource companies with the major demand being driven by the electric vehicle (EV) market.