Albany Fraser Belt, Western Australia


194 km 2 (135km 2 granted – 59 km 2 application)


The Elephant Project sits adjacent to a huge regional structural boundary (between the Albany Fraser and the Yilgarn) which is believed to be a source for mineralising fluids. The project area itself has strong magnetic anomalies and an 8km gold in soil geochemical anomaly which could represent a large subsurface gold system.


The targets at the project have limited outcrop and the underlying geology is not known in detail. Nearby works indicate the presence of altered volcanics & sediments along with varying compositional intrusions.

  • Comprises 194km2 of highly prospective exploration leases
  • Expansive exploration region, ready for geophysical and geochemical targets
  • Geochem anomaly comparable to other world-class deposits in the region


“Work in the Albany Fraser and surrounds has opened up a huge amount of new geological options to explore. We really like the look of this target – particularly the size of it which means the potential for serious scale, deposit wise.” Don Smith, Managing Director


Team Searching on the Mountain

Project Overview

The Elephant Project sits on the Albany Fraser Belt in Western Australia and covers a large area, 194km2. What particularly excites us about this project is the coincident geochemical and geophysical targets that have a footprint comparable to other world-class gold deposits in the region.

Site History

The Elephant Project comprises 194 km 2, of which 135 km 2 has been granted and 59 km 2 is under application. The region is known as the Albany Fraser Belt and contains highly prospective exploration leases. It has proven to be a favourable location for major discoveries, as seen with multiple deposits in similar environments. This was a previously unexplored region until the discovery of the multi-million-ounce Tropicana Gold Mine in ~2004 (now AngloAshanti/Regis) and subsequently, the Nickel/Copper/Cobalt Nova Bollinger Deposit by Sirius Resources (now IGO Ltd) in 2012.

Following these discoveries, recent years have witnessed a boom in other commodities, such as gold. The Fraser Range has drawn in major industry players and many well-known explorers to operate in the region and now TEM is thrilled to alongside these operating using their own model.


“There’s some pretty exciting geophysical stuff that’s going on there; one of those huge targets also happens to have an 8km soil geochemistry gold anomaly over the top of it.”

– Don Smith, Managing Director


Blue Sky and Rocky Field


The location of this project is on the edge of a geological block, on the border between Yilgarn and Albany-Fraser. In the past decade, recent geological research has enabled the creation of several fresh exploration target models. Explorers now grasp that there have been multiple mineralisation events over geological time, elevating the region’s status as a significant exploration destination in Western Australia.

This extensive exploration footprint underscores the potential for further discoveries across various commodities, notably gold, within the province. The Elephant Project target has peak soil that is 5-10pbb with 100-150m of cover. One of the main targets for us in the Elephant Project is an 8km gold anomaly at the top of the list. With such a large-scale exploration, we believe the area holds great geological possibilities.