The Future

A sustainable future relies heavily on technology to tackle many of the world’s challenges. Technology requires resources – minerals in particular – that are critical to a sustainable future. Examples are lithium for energy storage and copper for electronics.

The discovery and sourcing of these is the responsibility of the mineral exploration industry and although the economic benefits to society and the economy of the extractive industries are well documented, the direct contribution made by the minerals industry (despite in some cases being leaders) in sustainability related fields is less well acknowledged.

Tempest Commitment

Tempest was founded with sustainability at the forefront of the company’s agenda. The company has operated in multiple countries on 3 continents with an unwavering commitment to the highest social and environmental standards and practises.

We believe that mineral exploration and sustainability are not mutually exclusive nor adversarial in purpose but complementary and that future hinges on sustainable outcomes achieved by employing an inclusive and responsible approach to business.