Mineral Exploration Is Advancing The Renewable Energy Revolution

Mineral exploration plays a pivotal role in driving the global transition to renewable and clean energy. As the world strives to decarbonise and achieve ambitious sustainability targets, it is crucial to understand the vital connection between minerals and the renewable energy sector.


Meeting the Mineral Requirements For Clean Energy:

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the demand for minerals- used in clean energy technologies – is projected to double by 2040. However, to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement would mean quadrupling those requirements. Additionally, reaching – net zero by 2050 would also require six times more inputs than today!


Minerals Powering Sustainable Energy:

Sustainable alternatives to traditional power sources, such as solar, hydro, thermal, and wind energy, rely heavily on certain minerals, including copper, lithium, cobalt, and nickel. These minerals are essential in energy storage systems, electric vehicle batteries, and renewable energy generation. By responsibly harnessing the power of these minerals, we can pave the way toward a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.


Tempest Minerals: Supporting the Renewable Energy Revolution:

At Tempest Minerals, we are committed to contributing to the global renewable energy revolution. Our projects are strategically located in a Western Australian region renowned for its high prospectivity in precious, base, and energy metals, while being in close proximity to other major mines. This advantageous position empowers us to explore and discover the vast potential of these mineral resources, contributing to the renewable energy transition.  


Government Support and Investments:

Governments worldwide, including those in Australia, recognise the significance of mineral exploration in the global transition to renewable and clean energy. In fact, substantial investments are being made in exploration projects, reflecting the growing recognition of their importance.


Join Our Journey: 

Mineral exploration is not only vital for the transition to a sustainable future but also an exciting process of discovering hidden treasures in the earth. If you are eager to learn more about this important industry and stay updated on our journey of discovery, we invite you to join our Investor Hub.


Mineral exploration plays a critical role in driving the renewable energy revolution. Through responsible exploration and discovery, we can secure the essential minerals needed for clean energy technologies. Tempest Minerals is committed to unlocking the potential of these vital resources, and working towards a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter future.